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Meaning La Armarga Lizard
Height {{{Height}}}
Weight 10 tons
Species Dinosaur
Home Armagasaurus Plains, South America
Time Cretaceous
Family Diplodocoides
Diet Herbivore

Amargasaurus was a small sauropod with two rows of spines down its back. The spines may have been attached to one another by skin, creating the appearance of a huge sail on the back of this dinosaur. The Amargasaurus lived in South America during the Cretaceous period. The most notable member of Amargasaurus is Martin.



  • In real life, Amargasaurus lived about 25 million years before Giganotosaurus.
  • Amargasaurus probably didn't have a sail on its neck or its back. Its back was covered in muscles while its neck spines were sheathed in keratin.