Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Ruler Turtle
Height 4 meter
Weight 2,200 kg
Species Reptile
Home Big Pond, Western North America
Time Cretaceous
Family Turtle
Diet Carnivore

Archelon is a large Sea Turtle from the Cretaceous period. It ate jelly fish, squid, and fish. It is the predecessor to the present day Sea Turtle. It had few predators because it is protected by there tough shell. It is a graceful swimmer in the water, but a slow poke on land. That is because like modern day Sea Turtles, Archelon must pull there body out of the water on to land during egg laying season.  This turtle lays there eggs and leaves them to fate. Archelon is from Western Interior Sea during the Cretaceous period. Members currently is the Archelon Babies and Mrs.Archelon.