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"I have a hypothesis"
— Buddy in most of episodes
This article is written from the Real World Perspective.
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Buddy born July 5th voiced by Phillip Corlett (season 1-2), Sean Thomas (Season 3), Dayton Wall (season 4), and Chance Hurstfield (Season 5/Adventure Island) is a young Tyrannosaurus. He is the protagonist of the TV series. He is adopted by a Pteranodon Family: his mom, Mrs. Pteranodon, his dad, Mr. Pteranodon, his siblings Shiny, Tiny and Don. He is the youngest in the family.


Buddy is a very lovable individual. He is a good role-model for kids, especially boys. He and Tiny always take rides on the Dinosaur Train with their mom. He is famous for saying his most well-known quote, "I have a hypothesis". He is a theropod, the group to which all carnivorous and piscivorus dinosaurs come from. He is best friends with his sister Tiny. He is also a good role-model for elder brother and sisters. He has very lively manners. He can become a little shy sometimes. He also is very curious and is interested in meeting new dinosaurs.


Buddy is a Tyrannosaurus. He is orange in colour. His orange-colour skin has large, blue diamond-shaped markings.


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