Meaning narrow-handed
Height 3 ft
Weight 350 kilograms
Species Dinosaur
Home The Big Pound, North America
Time Cretaceous
Family Caenagnathidae
Diet Omnivore

Chirostenotes was a feathered dinosaur that lived in Western North America during the Cretaceous. Its name means "narrow hand" because it has three long, clawed fingers on each hand. Chirostenotes was a bipedal dinosaur and omnivore. The most notable members are Keenan and Kiera.




  • In the series, Chirostenotes is depicted as having an exceedingly short tail. While the tails oviraptorosaurs were generally shorter than those of other theropods in life, they were still significantly longer than what is depicted in-series.
  • No adult Chirostenotes are known in the show.
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