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3 Season, Episode 139
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Hungry, Hungry Carnivores
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Classic in the Jurassic: Air Obstacle Race is the first part of the fourth episode of Dinosaur Train season 3.  It is 139th episode of the series.


The Pteranodon Family is excited to be going back to the ‘Classic in the Jurassic’! This time, it’s a race between pterosaurs from each of the three Time Periods. The best part—all of the family members will have a role to play in the race! Mom and Tiny will be in-air referees, Buddy and Don will do “play-by-play”, and Dad and Shiny will man the start and finish lines. It’s an exciting race as the pterosaurs fly between hanging vines, swoop through a canyon, push through a wind tunnel, slalom over and under branches, then carry food from a pond as they race to the finish line! Teddy Pterodaustro finishes first, but the race is contested when Remy Rhamphorhynchus (another competitor) protests that Teddy never retrieved a fish from the pond. Everyone is surprised to learn that Pterodaustro don’t eat fish, they strain plankton through their bristle teeth. Teddy shows everyone how he does it to prove that he did indeed get food from the pond! Teddy is declared the winner!