Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Cretaceous Jaws
Height 25 feet
Weight 1,000-2,000 pounds
Species Fish
Home Cretoxyrhina Coral Station, Western Interior Sea
Time Cretaceous
Family Shark
Diet Carnivore

Cretoxyrhina is a large shark, which is a fish.m It is a fish that have a cartilaginous skeleton (cartilage is the stuff that makes up part of your nose and ear, and it's bendy). It is the earliest member of the shark family. It is a fish eater and has a taste for larger prey like Tylosaurus, a Marine reptile and Elasmosaurus. They ruled the Western Interor Sea during the creatceous period. The most common fossils are its teeth which they lose very often. They have great sense of smell and have fairly good eyesight. The most notable Cretoxyrhina is the Mr. Cretoxyrhina and Carla.