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Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island is a film based on the series. it premiered on April 12, 2021.


The Pteranodon family takes the Dinosaur Train to Adventure Island, a new theme park on a volcanic island! The Conductor's archrival Thurston is in charge: he proudly shows off the park's amazing robot dinosaurs! When an earthquake causes the pressure to get too high, the malfunctioning robots go rogue. It's up to Buddy and his siblings to navigate across the island and reunite with their parents before things go chaotic again.


  • All Aboard the Dinosaur Train
  • On Adventure Island
  • Robot Dinosaurs Rule!
  • All Aboard the Dinosaur Train (Reprise 1)
  • Stick Together
  • All Aboard the Dinosaur Train (Reprise 2)
  • I'm a T. Rex!
  • Theme Song
  • All Aboard the Dinosaur Train (finale)
  • Theme Song (end credits version)


  • This is the series finale of Dinosaur Train, since and after the episode Father's Day.
  • This is the first time the 2012 Universal logo is featured in a work related to PBS Kids.
  • The following things could lead to the special being promoted for a movie:
    • The Universal, Jim Henson Productions, and PBS Kids logos playing at the beginning.
    • Opening credits at the very beginning.
    • The movie's overall runtime being labeled 85 minutes.
  • The whole movie is a possible parody of Jurassic World 2015, which is also owned and distributed by Universal. The steam powered robot dinosaurs are possibly a reference to the Strutters from theDinotopia book Dinotopia: The World Beneath.
  • Many of the robot dinosaurs include, and their color variants:
    • Brachiosaurus (Red, Orange Yellow Green, and Sky Blue)
    • Triceratops (Blue, Green, and Magenta)
    • Parasaurolophus (Orange. Purple. Sky Blue. and Pink)
    • Pteranodon or Pterano-thopter (Red, Orange, Aqua Green, Blue, Purple, and Magenta)
    • Apatosaurus (Red, Aqua Green. Blue, and Purple)
    • Styracosaurus (Magenta, Tan, and Shale Gray)
    • Unknown small abelisauroid theropod (Orange and Red)
    • Tyrannosaurus (Red, Orange, Green in projector animation, Yellow Green, Aqua Green, Sky Blue Purple)
    • Gyrodus (Yellow body, orange head, and blue fins)
    • Unknown small coelurosauroid theropod (Red)
    • Allosaurus (Aqua Green, Sky Blue, and Lavender Purple)
    • Qianzhousaurus (Yellow Green)
    • Daspletosaurus (Indigo and Purple)
    • Mastodonsaurus(Brown)
    • Koolasuchus (Sky Blue)
    • Firefly (Orange and Yellow)