Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Opposite Birds
Height Various
Weight Various
Species Bird
Home The Big Pond
Pteranodon Terrace
North America
Time Cretaceous
Family Enantiornithine
Diet Omnivore- Bugs and seeds

Enantiornithines were the most common birds during the age of dinosaurs, and filled many of the niches that modern birds would eventually occupy. As the name of the group implies, the wing anatomy of enantiornithines, more specifically the way the shoulders were articulated, were the opposite of the arrangement seen in modern avians. Many were as small as sparrow and others were big as turkeys. Unlike modern birds, most enantiornithines have teeth. Enantiornithine is an omnivorous bird that eats verity of berries, bugs and other available meat. They lived in North America and Asia during the Cretaceous period. Known members are Elliott.