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Grandma and Grandpa Pteranodon

Grandma and Grandpa Pteranodon (voiced by Ellen Kennedy and Colin Murdock) are the grand parents to Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don. They are the parents of Mr. Pteranodon. They know Mrs. Conductor when she was running the train and Mr. Conductor when he was a child. They had the first Fishwich on the Dinosaur Train when the dining car opened. Grandma and Grandpa Pteranodon originally lived at Pteranodon Terrace, but sometime in they left and moved to Pteranodon Trail Station on the Eastern Continent of Appalachia.

Grandma Pteranodon[]

Grandma Pteranodon

Grandma Pteranodon looks a bit like Shiny. She likes keeping a few things from her son Mr. Pteranodon. She is a good fisher. Her beak is curved like Shiny's.

Grandpa Pteranodon[]

Grandpa Pteranodon

Grandpa Pteranodon looks a bit like Don but his lower beak has an upward curve. He says La la Lou. He likes to eat bugs, and collect things like Don. He is also plump and a little shorter than his wife.