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2nd Season, Episode 99th
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Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrace is the 99th episode of Dinosaur train.


It's a rainy day at Pteranodon Terrace, and soon it grows into a huge rainstorm that grows even bigger – into a hurricane! Don has dug a bunch of holes. It's getting too windy to fly. Dad hasn’t seen it blow like this since he was a kid. They seek shelter, and Don digs a hole so deep that he reaches a cave down below their nest, where the Pteranodon family takes shelter. The girls suddenly remember Cindy the Cimolestes, who lives in Tiny's favorite tree, and worry about her. Mom says they can't leave the cave because of the rough weather, but suddenly, Cindy comes into the cave, and is invited to stay inside because it's safer inside. Then Elliot the Enantiornithine who lives in the cave at the bottom of the cliff flies in. Everyone greets him and he says that he had to come up into their cave because the tide's so high that his cave is flooded. Then suddenly the Lambeosaurus family shows up. They say that their nest flooded, and they've been looking all over for a another place to ride out the storm. They're invited in and everyone is safe and sound together. They all stay in the cave throughout the night, and then the next morning, the storm has passed and it's safe to come out, but everyone must pitch in to rebuild their various nests.




North America


  • Cretaceous Period