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Meaning Fish bird
Height 2 feet wingspan
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Species Dinosaur
Home Pteranodon Terrace, Western Interior Sea
Time Cretaceous
Family Ichthyornithes
Diet Carnivore - Fish

Ichthyornis was a small, seagull-like bird that had teeth. It lived alongside pterosaurs like Pteranodon along the Western Interior Sea, and it probably ate fish as well.

A flock of unnamed seabirds, probably Ichthyornis, appears in the episode Conductor's Sleepover.


  • Ichthyornis is an ornithuran, a group of prehistoric avialans that also includes the direct ancestor of modern birds. although they are anatomically modern in most respects, Ichthyornis differs from modern avians in the fact that their jaws were lined with true teeth, with only half of the upper mandible bearing a beak. It also shares this trait with the flightless seabird Hesperornis.
  • Ichthyornis was the very first mesozoic bird to be discovered.