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Laura (voiced by Kathleen Barr) is a kind hearted Giganotosaurus from Giganotosaurus Junction in Argentina during the Cretaceous period. She helps the Dinosaur Train with her great eye sight, and her incredible strength and helps turn the Dinosaur Train around at the roundhouse at Troodon Town in the Cretaceous and Eoraptor Ravine in the Triassic. She has a love for bird watching and drawing. She is good friends with Tiny, Buddy, Don, and Shiny. She can not sit in the passenger car because she is too big, so she stays in the observation car.


  • In the theme song, she lets out her signature roar when it ends. As soon as she does, the words say "Created by Craig Bartlett" in a black screen.
  • This character is named after the episode itself.