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Lizard Island
Lizard Island Station
Location Lizard Island
Time Cretaceous Period
Inhabitants Cretaceogekko
Hoyalacerta (mentioned)
Brasiliguana (mentioned)
Changyuraptor (introduced, formerly)

Lizard Island is home to a variety of lizard species, like Cretaceogekko, Hoyalacerta, Brasiliguana, and insects that live in its forested environment. Ever since Chester and Chelsea Changyuraptor moved there, the island became overrun by the Changyuraptor Family, who ate too many lizards and caused the ecosystem to fall out of balance. As a result, there were too many insects and the station building was overgrown. However, the Changyuraptor Family ended up moving back to Changyuraptor Valley Station, and at least two Cretaceogekko survived.