Dinosaur Train Wiki

Locomotives are the main and the only transport build by troodons of Dinosaur Train Industries to travel across the world.

Known locomotives[]

  • main "Dinosaur Train": the Time travel train
    • The Night Train is the same version with different departure time
  • The Solar Train
  • The Rocket Train
  • The Switcher


Main train[]

The time travel train is the standard type of steam train found everywhere. It usally uses green, red, lime and yellow colors. Its crew includes Mr. Engineer, Mr. Conductor, and Laura Giganotosaurus.

Solar Train[]

Solar Train is the weird type of custom-engine made by Tricia Troodon. It appears to be a long railway base with strange tube with solar panels (possibly engine) attached atop it. It also has a back cab.

Rocket Train[]

Rocket train is fastest train made by Troodons. It appears to be in a form of electric-streamlining train. Its crew includes its autopilot and its conductor, Thurston Troodon.

The Switcher[]

The Switcher is a steam train just like the Dinosaur Train, but it has different colors and is mainly used for switching and hauling all types of train cars and even locomotives into the roundhouse. It can mostly be found at Troodon Town Station.

Fan opinions[]

  • If you take a closer look at rails, it appears to be somehow wide.
    • This is because due to sauropods needs alot of space to fit in.
  • The strange thing that points that make you go thinking is that the shape of main train takes a form of a fake streamliner.

Extended information[]

Main Dinosaur train[]

Rig type: 4-4-0

Class: Steam

Fuel: Prehistoric leaves (No coal supported.)

Additional features: Overextended observation car

Solar train[]

Rig type: 0-16-0 (That is alot of main wheels!)

Class: Solar

Fuel: Solar radiation

Additional features: Special grill that shows the radiator inside

Rocket train[]

Rig type: 4-0-4

Class: Electric

Fuel: Electricity

Additional features: Special dinosaur marking in front of the top