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Meaning unknown
Height 3 meters
Weight 16 grams
Species Mollusk
Home Mitchelinoceras Mollusk Station, Triassic Ocean
Time Ordovician-Triassic
Family Ornithocone
Diet Carnivore- Fish

Michelinoceras is a extinct member of the cephalopod it is related to today's squid and Nautilus. It had many arms or tentacles. Unlike today's Squid this Triassic cephalopod lived in a straight shell. It moves around by drawing water into a chamber and out of the chamber with its hyponome, this way it uses jet proposition. It eats fish by catching fish with its tentacles and devouring it in its jaws. It is capable of diving of diving at great depth to hunt. The Michelinoceras lived from Ordovician to the Triassic period in oceans during the time. The most notable Michelinoceras are Mitch and Max.