Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Small Thief
Height 3.3 feet
Weight 2.2 lbs
Species Dinosaur
Home Microraptor Mountain, Asia
Time Cretaceous
Family Dromeosaur
Diet Insectivore

Microraptor was a tiny, feathered dinosaur who had four-wings, one on each of its front limbs and back limbs. However, it couldn't fly. Instead, it probably used its wings to glide from tree to tree, like a flying squirrel. It was a carnivore that ate insects. Microraptor lived in Asia during the Cretaceous period. The recognizable member of the Microraptor is the Microraptor family with Minnie and Mikey.



  • Microraptor probably had iridescent black feathers in real life.
  • Microraptor had a toothy snout in real life, rather than a toothless beak.