Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning lizard of the Meuse River
Height 18 meters
Weight 15 tones
Species Marine Reptile
Home Atlantic Ocean, North America and Europe
Time Cretaceous
Family Mosasaurs
Diet Carnivore- Fish, Marine Reptiles

Mosasaurs is a large marine reptile that lives in the North America and Western Europe during the cretaceous. They were not deep sea reptiles but instead they lived close to the surface to hunt for fish. Despite that they where top predators eating anything from small fish to the large plesiosaurs like Elasmosaurus. The most notable family is Maisie and Marvin. They also has semi-crescent tail fins and they used their tails to swim, not their flippers.



  • In real life, Mosasaurus has a tail fluke and forked tongue.