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Mr. Conductor (voiced by Ian James Corlett) is one of the main characters on Dinosaur Train. He is a male Troodon that conducts the Dinosaur Train. He lives with his mom, Mrs. Conductor, and his nephew, Gilbert at Troodon Town.


He is orange skinned Troodon, he always wears a red gilet with golden buttons, and his hat is also red and a golden logo on it, his vintage chain clock is put inside his gilet pocket, he doesn't wear pants though (Maybe due to the cartoonish effect). His head shape is triangular like his mother, Mrs. Conductor.


-Troodon is not a default species, it is now a dubious genus and seperated to Stenonychosaurus and Latenivenatrix.

-In the cartoon, Troodons' diet are described as "Omnivorous", but in real life Troodons, they are completely Carnivorous.

-Mr. Conductor's head shape is triangular like his mother, not like Thurston and Tricia, are rectangular.