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The Old Spinosaurus
Old Spinosaurus and Tiny

The Old Spinosaurus (Viejo Espinosaurio in Spain) is an elderly Spinosaurus from The Big Misty Sea in Africa during the Cretaceous Period. He is an experienced fishing dinosaur that has helped Buddy to learn how to fish. He has been fishing for a large fish called Chester and needs to concentrate. Due to that he has been a very cranky dinosaur. Also he mentions that he had a younger sister that her name is the same as Tiny. He doesn't like visitors especially when Don asks him to pose for his stick sculpture.


Old Spinosaurus is a large, orange Spinosaurus with something (I don't know what is it lol) on his neck and his head, his jaw was underbite like Don Pteranodon, and he has buck teeth.


-Old Spinosaurus is based on Jurassic Park Spinosaurus style.

-In real life Spinosaurus, Spinosaurus is sluggish, short-legged Spinosaur, with a paddle-like tail.

-Old Spinosaurus' body is based on an English Spinosaurid, named Baryonyx.