Pteranodon Trail Station, Eastern North America"
Meaning Winged and Toothless
Height Male: 5.6 meters wingspan Female: 3.8 meters wingspan
Weight Male: 44 lbs Female: 25 lbs
Species Pterosaurs
Home Pterandon Terrance, Western North America

Pteranodon Trail Station, Eastern North America

Time Cretaceous Period
Family Pteranodontidae
Diet Piscivore
Pteranodons were large flying reptiles that lived during the Cretaceous period. They were not dinosaurs but related to dinosaurs. They have a large beak and a long crest above their heads. They have a long fourth finger that makes up the wing. Their bones are hollow which helps them to fly. They may have lived by seaside cliffs to use the wind to glide. Their favorite food is fish. The most notable Pteranodon is the Pteranodon family. They lived near the Western Interior Sea in North America.




  • In real life, Pteranodon walks only on four legs.
  • In real life, female Pteranodon has a short crest.
  • In real life, Pteranodon has pycnofibers like all pterosaurs.
  • The series shows that the Pteranodons have a bat (or Yi qi) like wings which is inaccurate wing design. Real Pteranodon wings were much longer and had rounded or sharp tips.
  • Pteranodon also didn't build a bird-like nest in real life.
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