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Pteranodon Terrace
Pteranodon Terrace 1
Location Western North America
Time Cretaceous Period
Inhabitants Pteranodon, Enantiornithine, Cimolestes, Lambeosaurus, Daspletosaurus

Pteranodon Terrace is home to the Pteranodon family. It is located near the Great Western Interior Sea during the Cretaceous Period. It is home to Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon, and their kids, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don. It is a forest that over looks the ocean. There are wonderful beaches and plenty of fish, and sea creatures such as clams, ammonite and birds. It is also home to turtles like Adocus and a family of large herbivores called Lambeosaurus. It is home to a small mammal called Cimolestes. There are also lizards, ants, cockroaches, dragonflies, bees, grasshoppers, beetles and Hermit Crabs. It is also home to Enantiornithine as one was encountered by Mr. Pteranodon, Shiny and Don in a cave on the beach where they found rubies. The local station is home to a Troodon called the Station Master. He is the one who gives the Pteranodon Family, and all the other creatures that live around there, tickets. There is a large sea cave located under the Pteranodon Family nest. The Family have found large amounts of minerals such as Diamonds and Rubies there.