Dinosaur train
2nd Season, Episode 90th
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Buddy Explores The Tyrannosaurs
That's Not A Dinosaur
Rainy Day Fight is the 90th episode of the dinosaur train.


The kids are stuck cooped up in the nest for a long, rainy spell which leads to them fighting. Mom tells them that the rain has stopped enough that they can leave the nest – but she gives them an assignment: to go find their own “calm space,” where they can calm down enough to get along with each other again. It works – each kid finds something in nature that helps him or her to calm down and be friends again.




North America


  • Cretaceous Period

Educational Objective

After the kids have a fight, Mom sends each kid out (into nature of course) to find their calm space, and in doing so, make observations about nature that increases their connection to nature. The kids model fun ways that children can go outside and interact with nature. This story clearly makes the connection between nature exploration and emotional well-being.

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