Dinosaur Train Wiki

Welcome to the Dinosaur Train Wiki! Please read and follow our rules so you can remain here.

General Rules

  1. No Swearing.
  2. Don't say anything negative about the show.
  3. Don't add false information.
  4. Be nice to all users.
  5. If an admin asks you to do something, please do it.

Image Rules

  1. No small images.
  2. All images have to be in a high enough quality to clearly see what's happening in it.
  3. Fan art is not allowed. If you like fan art, I suggest you check out DeviantArt.

Video Rules

  1. Make sure all the videos are imports from the show.
  2. Make sure videos are appropriate for someone at the age of three.

Blog Rules

  1. Make sure that the blog posts have something to do with either dinosaurs or trains.
  2. Fanon is allowed, just please don't upload any pictures.
  3. Don't make blog posts to insult anyone.
  4. Our Wikia is not a blog, so please do not post on a daily or weekly basis. Only post when you feel there's something important to say.


Failure to follow these rules will end you up banned for a selected period of time. Please follow them to keep this wiki a nice and happy place. Breakdown Chugger Coming Through! Talk 16:32, December 28, 2012 (UTC)