Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Earthquake God Lizard
Height 34 metters
Weight 50 to 60 tons
Species Dinosaur
Home Microraptor Mountain, Asia (adopted)
North America
Time Cretaceous
Family Sauropod
Diet Herbivore

Sauroposeidon is a 60 ton sauropod from the Cretaceous North America. It lived in herds for protection. It's greatest protection is its size. It grows up to 34 meters, so it is almost impossible to eat from predators. It's other defense is its weight which can crush a predator and its powerful tail that can turn a predator into a herbivore. The most famous of the Sauroposeidon is Sonny from the Microraptor Family.



  • An adult Sauroposeidon hasn't appeared in the series yet ( and since they aren’t making anymore episodes, one never will appear).