Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning unknown
Height various small
Weight various
Species Mollusk
Home Pteranodon Terrance, North America
World Wide except Antartica
Time Cambrian to present
Family Gastropod
Diet Carnivore and Herbivore, depends on the species

Slugs are animal related to Octopus and Squids. This mollusk lives on land in gardens and forest. They require damp places to survive. They been around since the Cambrian and still exists. Some slugs can be beneficial for the garden, other times they are not. There are predatorial slugs and they eat earthworms and other creepy crawlies. The most common defense for all slugs is that they have slime on there body, and when a predator attacks them they produce more slime to protect them from being eaten. A famous member is Sammy.


  • Sammy