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NOTE: This is a small theory-containing page.

So, when I was reading the stuff from internet about Dinosaur Train, I found some strange stuff going on. Like did you know that Season 5 was rushed to be released in Summer 2019? Let's find out, shall we?


The original "Dinosaur Train".[]

This one is kind of intresting. Yeah. It does so. Just look at long time and you will find "Dinosaur Train" in 2002 or earlier. This proves that current Dinosaur Train is just a remake of the original one, with more cute appereance and more innocent, instead of having picture like original, well, violent. The original one is made for preschoolers to 1st class. Just like present one.

Unique style[]

Another stuff there to show you, is the diffrence. Yeah, they are both unique. Both protagonists are diffrent, the creators are diffrent too. If you look closely and wanna learn more there is ACTUAL diffrence:

  • Jesse was the main protagonist in 2002, while current is Pteranodon family. (More protagonists in current)
  • The intro starts off also diffrent: Jesse enters a train when he was dreaming, while Buddy and his brothers and sisters being born and enters train for Colie/Mom's pleasure.
  • The creators are diffrent. The 2002 author is John Steven Gurney, while current one author is Craig Barlett, which is also member of The Jim Henson Comany.
  • There was no time tunnel introduced in 2002. Also, some giant characters must duck (lay down or go inside) when going inside tunnel.


Ofcourse, if you read the title, it translates to: "Season delay: True", which means that upcoming Season 5 is delayed to Summer 2019, as they need to work on new objects.

Every toy is interactable[]

This one... is weird. Yeah, Dinosaur train is making each toy interactive and able to speak, like it can say "Hello" or "You got mail! (early voice refrence)" Or even it can do some moves.

Ian James Corlett is voice of alot of shows[]

Woah, really? Ian James Corlett is well known person for me that voiced alot of shows. Even modern days!