Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning devil from the Styx
Height 10 feet long
Weight 200 pounds
Species Dinosaur
Home Valley of the Stygimoloch, North America
Time Cretaceous
Family Pachycephalosauria
Diet Herbivore

Stygimoloch has a super-thick skull. It may have used its tough head to butt other animals, like a modern-day ram. The Stygimoloch lived in North America during the Cretaceous period, It is a herbivore and Biped. The most notable members is the Stygimoloch family with Shirley, Stuart, and Spikey.



  • Stygimoloch may have been an immature Pachycephalosaurus rather than its own species. Though some paleontologists think it might be a subspecies of Pachycephalosaurus since P. wyomingensis and S. spinifer were found a few million years apart in the Maastrichtian age (Late Cretaceous). Suggesting S. spinifer may have descended from P. wyomingensis.