Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Alarming lizard
Height 15 to 20 feet
Weight 5 to 7 tons
Species Dinosaur
Home Asia
Time Cretaceous
Family Tyrannosauridae
Diet Carnivore

Tarbosaurus was a close relative of Tyrannosaurus that lived in Mongolia during the Cretaceous Period.

An illustration of Tarbosaurus appears in "Buddy Explores The Tyrannosaurs".


  • Just like Tyrannosaurus, Tarbosaurus experienced an ontogenetic niche shift as it grew up, starting out as a fast-moving pursuit predator as a juvenile and gradually growing into a slower, powerfully built ambush predator as an adult. Similarly, juvenile instances of Tarbosaurus are occasionally split into a new genus called "Raptorex."
  • Due to its strong resemblance and close relation to Tyrannosaurus rex, a few paleontologists think Tarbosaurus was actually a species in the Tyrannosaurus genus, calling it "Tyrannosaurus bataar". Despite this, it is more likely that Tarbosaurus is its own genus, due to the fact that it possessed a number of key traits that distinguished it from its later North American cousin.
  • It might be possible that Tarbosaurus might appear on new Dinosaur Train episodes.