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The time tunnels are major locations in the entire Mesozoic Era used by the Dinosaur Train to travel through time to different train stations all around the world in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods.


The inside of the time tunnel is a dark abyss, with colorful lights and tracks that the dinosaur train goes on to travel through time.


The Time tunnel is used by the Dinosaur Train in order to travel across time and space to different time periods of the Mesozoic Era, instead of just going only around in the present time of the main characters. Upon reaching time tunnel, Mr. Conductor will announce that it is approaching, and the tunnel will illuminate with the lights as it conveys the dinosaur train to a different time period.


Troodons found a type of magic that allows them to travel through time and visit prehistoric eras.




  • In "Back in Time," there is an abandoned time tunnel with construction rail platforms in Eoraptor Ravine covered in cobwebs that goes to the Permian time period, which suggests that this time tunnel could have been a failed proposal by Dinosaur Train Industries to take the train line to the Paleozoic era.
  • In "Dinosaur Train: Adventure Island," the Railway Passway (The Safety Signal, The Jim Henson Company calls it), does not move when the Time Tunnel lights up.