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Tiny (voiced by Claire Margaret Corlett) is a Pteranodon. She is Buddy, Shiny, and Don's sister. She is the deuteragonist of the TV series. She has a mom named Mrs. Pteranodon, and a dad named Mr. Pteranodon.


Tiny is the smallest child; she is the oldest in the Pteranodon Family. Her brother, Buddy is very faithful to her and vice versa. She loves everyone and likes to introduce herself and her family to other dinosaurs. Tiny is a very good role-model for girls. She likes to make rhymes, her most famous one being "If I could wish, for just one dish, my greatest wish, would be more...FISH!'. Sometimes Tiny can become sad, mad or even angry and start crying. But her mother and her brother is always there to comfort her.


Tiny is a small, green Pteranodon with freckles on her beak and blue eyes. Her wings are green and her hands and feet have small white claws.


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