Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning three-horned face
Height 7ft
Weight 6-12 tons
Species Dinosaur
Home Triceratops Trail Station, North America
Time Cretaceous Period
Family Ceratopsian
Diet Herbivore

Triceratops was an herbivore from the Cretaceous. It used its tough beak to eat low-lying green plants. With hundreds of teeth in its jaws, this animal sliced its food into bite sized chunks. The most notable feature of Triceratops is its three large horns and its frill that might’ve been used to fight other Triceratops to impress female Triceratops. It lived during the Cretaceous period in Western North America. The most notable Triceratops is Trudy, Tank, Tuck, Todd, Trevor, Trenton, and Truman.


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