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Meaning Wounding Teeth
Height 2.4 meters
Weight 50 kg
Species troodontid
Home Troodon Town, Western North America
North Pole Station, Western North America
Time Cretaceous
Family Troodontidae
Diet Omnivore

Troodon is considered to be the smartest dinosaur. It is one species of Dinosaur that is nocturnal. This dinosaur from the Cretaceous may have been an omnivore, eating both plants and meat such as eggs and insects. There two types of Troodon, one that lives in the North Pole and other in the south. They lived in Western North America during the Cretaceous Time Period. Most notable of the Troodon is Mr. Conductor, Mrs. Conductor, Trevor, Gilbert, Thurston, Tricia, the Station Master, Troodon Waiter, and Travis, a Troodon from the North Pole during the Cretaceous Time Period.



  • Troodon is now a dubious genus, as all other complete specimens previously associated with Troodon have been reclassified as separate genera of troodontid. The only piece of material currently associated with Troodon are the namesake teeth, and a relatively complete specimen has yet to be found.
    • The animal that closest resembled the traditional image of Troodon was Pectinodon, a wolf-sized feathered theropod that lived in the Hell Creek formation. Much like Troodon, it was likely omnivorous, and shared the same kind of heavily serrated teeth. Other species that used to be named Troodon but reclassified as their own was Stenonychosaurus and Latenivenatrix.