Dinosaur train
1st Season, Episode 48th
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Erma Eoraptor
Pteranodon Family World Tour

Under the Volcano is the 48th episode of the dinosaur train.


Buddy, Tiny and Dad take the Dinosaur Train to see Old Smoky, the local volcano. It’s such a spectacular sight that they go back for the rest of the family, only to discover they've already gone to see the volcano! The merry mix-up concludes as the whole family meets up just in time to catch Old Smoky erupting.


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  • Cretaceous Period

Educational Objective

Volcanoes have been active since before the Age of Dinosaurs. The interior of the Earth is very hot, so hot in fact that it’s made mostly of melted rock (magma), which sometimes breaks through to the surface (as lava) through mountain-like openings called volcanoes. And yes, Volcanoes were erupting right alongside the dinosaurs!

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