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  • Bio I love dinosaurs kaiju and anime and other stuff i like to write and read i like talking to other people and make friends my favorite creature in the entire world is Tyrannosaurus Rex the Tyrant Lizard King i also love watching paleo documentaries i also love gaming and i also have a youtube account named eva star unit 73 and i also have a wattpad account with the same name as my youtube cahnnel
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Hi there! My name is josh aka dragonsaber73 i love dinosaur train ever since i was 6 and i still do now i am always open for a conversation with anybody and my favorite dinosaur is tyrannosaurus rex and my favorite character or should i say characters cause there are a few of them and im gonna list my top 10 favorites

1: buddy tyrannosaurus

2: shiny pteranodon

3: tiny pteranodon

4: valerie velociraptor

5: gilbert troodon

6: boris tyrannosaurus

7: keenan chirostenotes

8: don pteranodon

9: laura giganotosaurus

10: daphne daspletosaurus

And i am also the writer of wattpad's most popular dinosaur train story my wattad name is eva star unit 73 and my fanfiction is called "Dinosaur Train Evolution" where the characters are now teens and they have to face off against a pteranodon named "valkyrie" and this story meant to symbolize hope and it mostly follows buddy as he grows up

My favorite pages

  • Buddy Tyrannosaurus
  • Shiny Pteranodon
  • Valerie Velociraptor
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