Ever wondered what the characters in dinosaur train would be like if they were teenagers? Well now you can see them on wattpad i have a story named "Dinosaur Train Evolution and its quite unrealistic but i had to cause i couldn't think of a better storyline for these characters and note that this fanfiction does have OC's in it so be warned if you dont like OC's and now how about i show you the main cast of dinosaur train evolutio


Buddy tyrannosaurus rex

Tiny pteranodon

Shiny pteranodon

Don pteranodon

Valerie velociraptor

Keenan chirotenotes

Gilbert troodon.

Dennis deinocheirus (haven't added him yet)

Valkyrie 77 (main villain and jurassic world the game character)

Connie pteranodon (OC and the daughter if valkyrie)

Mr pteranodon aka martin (i know his actual name is arthur but this was made before i found out his name was arthur)

Mrs pteranodon aka linda (this made before i found out her name was connie)

Mr conductor aka sonny

Terry/rexy tyrannosaurus rex (from jurassic world and buddy's mentor)

Blake velociraptor (OC of valerie's youngest sister)

Stormy velociraptor (OC of valerie's little sister who is 2 years younger than her)

David velociraptor (OC of valerie's twin brother)

Annie Tyrannosaurus rex

Tank triceratops

Ned brachiosauris

Arnie argentinasaurus

Derek deinonychus

Boris tyrannosaurus (annie's father)

Dolores tyrannosaurus (annie's mother)

Winter troodon (OC of gilbert's alter ego)

Terri therizeinosaurus

Thurston troodon

Mrs conductor

Kiera chirostenotes

Oren and ollie ornithomimus

Velma velociraptor (valerie's mother)

Vincent velociraptor (valerie's father)

Larry lambeosaurus

Mrs lambeosaurus

Leroy lambeosaurus

Lily lambeosaurus

Quicy Quetozalcoatlus

Cory corythosaurus

Spike spinosaurus (OC of terry's best friend)

Daphne daspletosaurus

Noticed that most of the main cast are characters that dont usually apoear? Well that's because i wanted then to have attention as well and by the way keenan is going to have a redemption here and by the way a little preview of what's to come

In chapter 25 buddy and dennis are going to get into a fight just wait till the chapter gets released and then you will know the reason as to they are fighting each other

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