I just found out that in june 22 this year dinosaur train is going to end and i am very sad cause this show was my childhood i've loved it so much and now its ending back then in 2017 when season 4 ended i thought that was it but then in august 26 of last year the show had a fifth season and i was relieved but now im sad cause i just found this out and i am going to miss this show very much cause it helped me with knowing new dinosaurs and what they do and how they lived and now its gonna be over a month from now its gonna be over i really hope if this show ends it should end 3 eays

1: it could end with a new discovery 2: it could end with the cretaceous extinction level event 3: it could end with buddy finding his real parents

I hope they dont go with the extinction level event cause that would just be dark and im sure if the ending where buddy finds his real parents is good too so im kinda stumped here but someday i hope to make a show of my own and what i hope to do with it is expand the story of dinosaur train and by the way i want to make a show named "Dinosaur Train Evolution" (which is actually a wattpad story i made) where the characters are all grown up into teens but i hope for now that dinosaur train doesn't end here and if it does well at least we can look back on the good times where the show was still here its been a good 11 years and now the end is near im gonna miss this show and buddy and all his friends and i know you guys will too but even though the show will end they will live on through our memories

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