I've only seen one episode of season 3 so far. Has anyone seen the list of episodes? Well, if you haven't, here it is:

Adventure Camp: Rafting / Adventure Camp: Mountain Climbing #301 [TV-Y]

Adventure Camp: Ziplining / Adventure Camp: Canyon Hiking #302 [TV-Y]

Solar Train / Birdwatching #303 [TV-Y]

Rocket Train Surprise Party / Cloudy With A Chance Of Fun #304 [TV-Y]

Tiny's Fishing Friend / Butterflies #305 [TV-Y]

Best Ever Babysitter / Plant A Tree #306 [TV-Y]

One Big Frog / Caving with Vlad #307 [TV-Y]

Classic In The Jurassic: Turtle And Therapod Race / Hungry, Hungry Carnivores #308 [TV-Y]

Classic In The Jurassic: Air Obstacle Race / King And Crystal Live! #309 [TV-Y]

Classic In The Jurassic: Air, Water And Land / Desert Day And Night #310 [TV-Y]

Classic In The Jurassic: Ultimate Face-off / Back In Time #311 [TV-Y]

Zeppelin: Waterfall / Zeppelin: Atoll #312 [TV-Y]

Zeppelin: Pangaea / Zeppelin: Crater #313 [TV-Y]

Gigantophis Rescue / The Junior Conductor Awards #314 [TV-Y]

The Land Down Underground / All New Insects #315 [TV-Y]

A Giant Sauropod Party / Henry's Big Adventure #316 [TV-Y]

The Good The Bad And The Albertosaurus / The Dinoball Games #317 [TV-Y]

Adventure In Corythosaurus Sitting / My Big Fat Troodon Wedding #318 [TV-Y]

What do ya'll think?

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