Buddy & Annie 2

Though they may never now it, it's highly possibly that these two Tyrannosaurus rexes are siblings. Just look at them! They look exactly the same! If Don had a completely straight beak and was a bit less pudgy, wouldn't he look very similar to Tiny? Love to hear y'all's thoughts!

I have a theory about Buddy & Annie that does not go against the Policy...instead it's something else. The first part is based off of part of the sixth episode of the 2001 BBC TV miniseries Walking with Dinosaurs.Here it goes:

So at least one or two eggss make it and more Tyrannosaurus are born, Delores Tyrannosaurus lays a nest of maybe 4 to 5 eggs. It is then covered with mulch (rotting leaves, logs, vegetation). Boris makes a false nest neary so egg stealers will be fooled. At some point, a small mammal, maybe Cimolestes or Didelphodon gets into the nest and gets two or three of the eggs. Now only two remain.

Two or three months before hatching another mammal (poosibl of the same species) gets into the nest and steals an egg. Instead of eating it right then or there, this little pest decides to roll it out of the nest and away to it's own nest to feed its babies. Either parent T. rex sees this and rushes at the mammal and tries scaring it off. This works, but then the egg rolls down a small hill and towards the train station.

The parent gives up and returns to the nest to protect the last egg (in Dinosaur Revolution, the mama rex put the last egg in her mouth to protect it, the nest morning the egg hatched, but it was probably older than our two eggs in Rexville). The Conductor of the Dinosaur Train then finds the egg at the train station and goes around the Mesozoic to find out whose egg it was. Unoftunatley, he doesn't find the owner. Instead, two new parents at Pteranodon Terrace adopt the egg (they already had three Pteranodon eggs, but Mrs. Pteranodon thought it would be nice to have four kids instead of just three). Like clockwork, two months later, the five eggs hatch...

In Pteranodon Terrace: 1) Tiny, 2) Don, 3) Shiny, and 4) Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus rex. At the exact same moments as Buddy hatches in Late Cretaceous Kansas, a female Tyrannosaurus, named Annie, hatches in Late Cretaceous Montana. At some point brother and sister meet up, but they don't know they're siblings...

Wouldn't it be crazy if in the next season we find put that Buddy and Annie are siblings? Love to hear what y'all think about this theory! Thanks!

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