I been waiting for this day. I have been trying to adopte this wiki. There been many users on this site who wants things that the founder has not left to my control. One is to give administration to a user and two not able to see what more things I can do for this wiki where a founder is able to do. Anyway the founder of this site is rarely around to update or improve this site. I was lucky a few times to get his attection and as I can remember he said he was not able to get more user because not that many people are interested in this show. I have found that so far there has been allot of progress on completeing season 1 and moving on to season 2. So far getting permission to put Season 2 of Dinosaur Train on to YouTube or able to watch the show on American sites are becomeing more and more common. The recording of Season 2 has been moving slowly and steadly. I am down to 4 more available episodes coming next month. The episodes I have not seen yet on PBS scheadule is the Submarine Adventures. Keep in mind I also found a person who knows a guy who can transfer the episodes I recorded on to VHS to DVD or CD, so I can than put it on YouTube or keep it on my computer which will open many doors for this site. The only down side is that there is so far no plans for a Season 3 of Dinosaur Train because I have not seen any announcements about it. Makeing Season 2 the last season to do. My suggestion for all the users is to keep working on season 1. Look for the small things like events, songs, and locations. Characters so far is full of no named characters or we have parents and kids to work on. Episodes for Season 1 is good thing also to complete because than there is not allot of things to do. These tasks would not of happen with the founder because of the lack partispaton. Either way this site has been growing up and I do not plan to let the lack of the founder as set back. I will still be on this site adding new pictures and pages. And if you need to find me in person on a chat room I am always hanging around Arthur Wiki chat room or if I am blocked at that site I am at my own personal site Nature of Toronto Wiki and would be on that chat room. Thank you for your co operation and hope you guys have a nice day.


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