I been watching allot of documentary's on the Cambrian.  This is what I learned.  Most of the life was the size of your finger nail to the size of half your leg.  This world was covered in ocean, the first life lived in the sea.  There was very little life on land.  The atmosphere compared to day is not suiteable for modern day life.  most of the life where arthopods, creatures that had armour bodies, fish had a simple to no back bone.  plant life also existed but it too was under the ocean surface.  This world is a very important time in all time.  This was when there was a varioty of diffrent type of wild life living in shallow seas.  Anomalocaris was the first super predator was of the time.  It may have been dead for along time, but the closest animal alive today we can compare these creatures to is the Mantis Shrimp.  That because the Mantis Shrimp has a simalar body structure except, Anomalocaris has long claws compared to the Mantis Shrimp.  A successful species of animal that existed during this time was the Trilobite.  Trilobites was the first complex creature to exist.  They come in many different sizes, shapes, tectures and eating.  Because of this they where various all over Cambrian.  Another creature that had appeared during this time is the five eyed creature Opahinia.  They had trunk that allowed them to get food under the surfice of thesea floor.  These five eyes allowed them to see predators like Anomalocaris.  Wiwaxia is related to the modern day slugs, but it does not, because it is covered in spins.  Hallucigenoia is another creature that lived in these seas.  Like the Wiwaxia it to was covered in spins but onlike the Wiwaxia, we do not really know what family does this creatures comes from.  Aysheaia is the first land living creature in the world.  It did not have to spen all the time on land but spends enough time on land when it is dark.  My tour of the Cambrian is coming to a end we are now entering humans anciestors, or to be correct all Backbone animals anciestors.  Haikouichthys is one of our earliest ancestors.  These creatures lived in schools and lived off the remains or injuries from larger creatures.  And finally Pikaia is another early anciestor to humans.  Like Haikouichthys they would scavage off other prey.  For information about the creatures in this Blog visit your public library or the museum.

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