The Carboniferous period, a hot and muggy time in prehistory.  During this time forests grew at over whilming stand.  Swamps where a norm, this period if time was home to large insects and arthopods because the atmosphere was highly oxygenated.   But there was more living at this time than the bugs, Anphibeans had appeared in the Devonian and now Reptiles made its appearance,  Fish retained its strength since the Devonian Extiniction.  But this blog will focus on the creatures that lived in the time.


Athurpleura was a large Centaped from the Carboniferous and Permian period.  This large Arthopod was a herbivore and ate the plants that grew on the forest floor of the swamps of North America and Scotland.  Arthupleura was covered in small spins that protected it from predators, but its best defence is a nasty bite from its pincers.  This bite is ment to scare or force predators to retreat.  If it is treaten that it can not defened it will run away and or hide under dead brush in hopes of the treat passes.  Dispite being a large arachnid, people can treat it as more like a normal herbivore because they become more tamed after getting use to familar creatures.

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