Personaly this is the most awesome Island in all of the age of Dinosaurs.  Instead of home to large preditors and Herbivores it is home to Dwarf species of the main land.  Hateg Island is located now a days Romania.  It was covered lush Forests, with plants that are adapted for both tropical and dry plants.  That because this island depends on season Monsoons.  This Island is home to Dwarf size versions of Rhabdodon, a prehistoric version of a deer.  They lived in large heards and have good hearing.  Megyarosaurus, a dwarf Titanosaur that is actually a minature version of its main land counter part Rapetosaurus.  Like all Saurapods they move in large heards and these heards are similar to elephants heards of today.  With a lead matrearch and the rest is young females, mothers with children and immature males.  Mature males live alone and considered to very dangerous when in heat or Musk.  Bradycneme, therapod dinosaur and top preditor.  It did not ate the big game like Rhabdodon and Megyarosaurus, but instead they ate small lizards and other small animals.  The large super preditor is a pterasaur called Hatzegopteryx,  This massive pterasaur, ate the small dinosaurs,  It looked like a Quetzalcoatlus, but instead of beinging comferble in air is capable of doing both.  It was comferble at flying and moving on the land.  And the final animal that lives on this island of the strange is the land crocodile Allodaposuchus.  This Crocodile acts simalar to modern day Crocodiles but instead lived on land and hunt in large groups.  Both the Hatzegopteryx and Allodaposuchus where the only creatures that lived on this island that were considered to be normal size.  Want to learn more watch the show called Dinosaur Planet episode Pod's Travels and Planet Dinosaur episode The Great Survivors or go to your public library and learn more.

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