Welcome Shot
All the stations are done, locations done, animals done unless you want bugs and more fish. But other than that Characters are starting tonight. There are more characters than species. But thanks to our users the 8 main characters are done. Gilbert and Annie are done. Now it is time to begin with the rest of them. This will introdue a new category called the clubs, There is Pterasaur Flight Club, Therapod Club, Junior Conductors and the Season 2 Nature Tracker Club. So these new category are for only members of the club not for users. If you want to join a club users may create a club page and be a founder of that group that way. This will allow more users to be more part of the wiki. As a Administrator I have a few rules for that. 1. There should not be any swering or rude language. 2. No Spamming and Vandilism. 3. Have fun, that last rule is the most important rule of all of them. Any complaints users will get a warning, second complaint you will be blocked for a sertent length of time. And the third complant will be investigated and a meeting is needed to fix the problem. But most importantly 4 or more complaints both uaers will be blocked for a length a time.
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