Hi friends. This blog is so that I know that happens in the episode Rocket Train. I'm eager to see it, but clan (the only channel through which I can see Dinosaur Train) will not start the 2nd season until late January or early February. Currently, are issuing the 1st season to win Spanish dubbing time and then issue the 2nd season without "cutting" (stop) in half. I think the Dinosaur Train to become a rocket or something. Thanks for attention!!!

The dinogif´s (talk) 19:26, December 22, 2012 (UTC)irenuca2003

Information found!

I found a page of information and this is what it said:

Tiny and Buddy find out that a newer train will be riding the same tracks as the Dinosaur Train. The new train is called the Rocket Train, and its conductor is named Thurston Troodon, who was a former classmate and rival of Mr. Conductor. Thurston is very confident and boasts that the Rocket Train is newer, better, and faster than the ,old Dinosaur Train., Mrs. Troodon, Thurston, and Mr. Conductor's old teacher, suggests a friendly train race. With Tiny and Buddy on board, the ,old, Dinosaur Train ends up helping out Thurston and the new Rocket Train after it breaks down.

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