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Yi qi
Meaning Strange wing
Height 18 inches wingspan
Weight 0.84 pounds
Species Theropod
Home Yi Qi Yard Station, Asia
Time Late Jurassic
Family Scansoriopterygidae
Diet Insectivore

Yi qi was a small winged dinosaur that was even smaller than Microraptor. It was about the size of a pigeon. It lived in China during the Late Jurassic Period. It has multiple tail feathers for display. Yi qi has leathery wings like a bat and it can glide from tree to tree.



  • When the holotype for Yi qi was discovered, the animal's possession of a membranous wing was only inferred based on the presence and arrangement of long styliform bones in the wrists. However, the presence of the membrane was finally confirmed upon the discovery of Ambopteryx, a close relative of Yi qi that preserved not only similar styliform bones, but also complete wing membranes.