Dinosaur Train Wiki
Meaning Zhejiang Wing
Height 16 feet wing span
Weight 50-75 pounds
Species Pterosaur
Home Velociraptor Valley Station
Time Cretaceous
Family Azhdarchidae
Diet Carnivore

Zhejiangopterus was a giant flying reptile, or pterosaur related to Quetzalcoatlus. But fossils of Quetzalcoatlus is known in North America while Zhejiangopterus is found in Asia. It did not have a crest on the back of its head. It had a wing span up to 16 feet long. Zhejiangopterus lived during the Cretaceous Period. The most notable member is Ziggy.



  • In real life, Zhejiangopterus was a quadruped, and its wings should be far beyond its fingers. It also lived in a different part of Asia than Velociraptor in real life.